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Gloria @YogaCurrent.com

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"I'm 69 years old and am just beginning to discover yoga. I live in the countryside in El Salvador, Central America and here the only thing I have to view the world is my computer and that's how I discovered you.  

I just want to thank you for sharing your videos which I enjoy doing them together with you.

Thank you, and God bless you.

Les @ YogaCurrent.com

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"After a month off, I started simply with beginner video to get the kinks out before work today. This afternoon will gently move forward into higher form. Then tomorrow go gently again.

(You are right – the practice is the path, the path is destination. Wisdom.) 

Showed your video to my wife with the broken ankle. We like your style – not a show-off and very able to put your mind into that of those with less ability.

Thank You."