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Yoga Current Yoga Teachers offer skillful yoga for beginners, students, and enthusiasts.


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You don't have to be an undergrad to join these online yoga courses. But you could be! Zoe offers FIT Institute LiveStream yoga classes and series through UT Austin.


I started Courtney's videos about 4 months ago and am now doing them consistently. At this time I've noticed, quite rapidly, that my balance, posture, breathing overall all well being began to improve. Not to mention, visible weight loss! It makes me excited, and I have to say a huge thank you to Courtney. She makes yoga easy to add to one's daily routine for those of us not keen on group classes. I aim to keep yoga as a part of my life as it also helps me combat my depression and anxiety.

Thank you and Namaste.


Courtney's Yoga videos revitalize my body through her personalized approach to health. Her workouts target my specific sports injuries and problem areas. The videos save me time, are cost effective, and give me maximum results. I am peeling away many years of abuse from my 25 years in athletics and I've never felt better!

Steve Wisniewski NFL Offensive Lineman Oakland Raiders

I have been through some pretty nasty traffic accidents, and a serious surgery culminating in a fall at work. I felt such a tremendous loss when I was unable to walk and the weakness brought about a lot of mental distress. In my search for answers to discovering why I was so ill, how to help myself recover I came across Courtney's video programs. Wow, how inspirational! I have watched for about a year now and slowly as I have recovered, I find I can now do many of the poses. I have used many holistic therapies in which I learned to aid my recovery but watching her friendly, professional videos helped my mind find a great space to recover.


I was skeptical at first that I would be able to get into some of the positions, but was pleasantly surprised that the exercises and techniques Courtney presented turned my effort into a success. Courtney's Yoga has not only strengthened areas of my body that have been weak for years, but it has been instrumental in helping me achieve greater results from my chiropractic and deep-tissue sessions. My aching back and neck are so grateful!

Jeff Draves Volleyball Coach

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  1. Chris April 3, 2015 Reply

    Hi Courtney,
    Really enjoyed your beginner back pain video. I watched it once and now I can’t seem to open any of your videos.
    Any suggestions?

    • Courtney Bell April 3, 2015

      Hey Chris,

      So many people watched the free videos this month that we blew past our limit with the video host! I am working to get the free videos back up ASAP.

      I do have exclusive members only videos that are always available, if you would like to help support Yoga Current you can view those videos here –>https://www.yogacurrent.com/members-only/

      Hope to have the free videos back up very soon!

  2. Hadassa April 2, 2015 Reply

    Hey!I’ve been doing or practing yoga with your videos too, and I love it. My boyfriend and my mom also have joined me sometimes and they loved too.
    It’s a great job of yours. Thank you.

    • Courtney Bell April 10, 2015

      Nice! So sweet that your mom and boyfriend join yoga with you 🙂

  3. Katie April 1, 2015 Reply

    I have been doing your beginners yoga for weightless videos for 4 weeks now. My body has GREATLY improved as has my spirit, flexibility, and overall health. You have me hooked 🙂

  4. Sue March 31, 2015 Reply

    Hi Courtney I have been following yoga for the past 10 years or more now I have had a total knee replacement and pins in my shoulder both on my right side this was in 2011when I had a fall I find it pain full when doing certain poses when on knees can you please help regards sue

    • Courtney Bell March 31, 2015

      Hi Sue, thanks for reaching out! A yoga practice can be very beneficial after knee and shoulder surgeries with the right modifications and support. Having 10 years of experience can be both a benefit as well as a challenge because while it’s nice to have the background it can sometimes be hard to change what we’re used to being able to do 🙂 So hang in there! I’ve also gone through times of injury due to other activities that took months and months to recover well enough to even do a downward dog. I didn’t think I would ever be able to do arm balances again but now I am back into my handstands! So be patient and take the time to explore where your strengths are in your practice.

      My recommendation for you is to practice the standing poses with arm variations. This will help to strengthen your legs, ankles, and hips + keep your shoulder joints happy. We want the shoulders to stay mobilized while gaining strength to release “knots” and scar tissue. (It’s a daily process) 😉

      For example… Warrior One and Eagle Pose will be great to keep in your practice, & Humble Warrior with the fingers interlaced behind you as you fold to the inside of your front leg. I suggest not doing any poses on your knees or that puts any pressure near your knee joint. Do seated poses and lying down (on your back) poses rather than on the knees – for example reclined pigeon pose, seated cobbler pose and legs up the wall.

      Here a couple of videos to start practicing with and I will post some more that will be helpful for you later on this week.

      Abs & Core strength toning beginners workout class 1

      Yoga for Weight Loss & Back Pain

      I hope you enjoy!

  5. Roshelly March 27, 2015 Reply

    Hey Courtney! I just signed up for the week pass. I’m interested in doing the year membership but I wanted to start with the sunrise series and proceed from there. Unfortunately, I either don’t have access to it or I simply cannot find it. My account has already been drafted. Could you help me please? Thanks so much and I am so looking forward to starting my journey!

    • Courtney Bell March 31, 2015

      Hi Shelly, I’m so glad you are starting the sunrise series yoga journey. It’s up and running now and I hope you are enjoying the videos 🙂 I look forward to continuing the program with you!

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