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With this pledge, you support my visual arts, practice, and instruction of Yoga! As a reward, I share special video snippets of my home yoga practice, often with a special guest, my puppy dog Violet. Reaching my goal is synonymous with fulfilling my grand vision to provide people pathways towards greater levels of well-being in mind, body, and soul!

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Yogini's Habitat!

In this tier I share videos of my home yoga practice. Doing yoga at home brings so much quality to my life, and I hope the videos inspire YOU to do the things that improve your quality of life at home too! More specifically, you'll get to see complete videos (including some that qualify as bloopers) of me, practicing yoga, at home, on my mat, breath by breath, in real time.

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Exclusive Practice!

You get all of the previous reward in this tier, PLUS you will be 1st to see my videos with private yoga instruction where I teach how to do some safe, powerful, and accessible yoga poses, step by step!

Creating Yoga Videos $20 or more per month

Hey there ~

Thanks so much for checking out what I create!!! I'm new on Patreon, but some of you may know me from Yoga on YouTube classes. I'm all about sharing yoga, movement, and meditation to help people tap into the current of clarity and connection. I can't wait to reach my first Patreon goal and celebrate with a new level of content... and embark on me next goal of creating a yoga video  series in Costa Rica.

It is both my purpose and my passion to teach people how to practice yoga, inspire movement, and meditate with grace. And so, I make videos to show you how you can do basic poses, challenging sequences, and therapeutic routines.

As a Patron, you can get full-length practices and personal advice from me about modern-day-yoga ways for diet and self-care. Catch me on my yoga mat when you join my Patreon page. I can't wait to meet you there.

Thanks so much ~

P.S. Take Care 🙂

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