Sun Salutation

A Beginner's Guide

Yoga Prop Recommendation- Use a yoga block under each hand in Standing Fold to reduce tension in posterior chain-- heels, calves, hamstrings, hips, and back.

Standing Options:

  1. feet together (shown)
  2. feet hip-width
  3. feet mat-width

Raising Arms Options:

  1. hands together (shown)
  2. hands shoulder-width
  3. hands wide-open

Stand at the front of your mat, raise arms.

Hinge your hips to fold, lifting and lowering, forward.

Step right foot to back of mat, into a lunge.

Step left foot back, into downward dog.

Bend both knees to all fours.

Lower knees-chest-chin.

Slither belly to the ground, in cobra.

Press up and back into downward dog.

Step right foot forward into a lunge.

Step left foot forward into standing fold.

Stand up and raise arms.

Rest and Relaxation

More Yoga To Compliment Your Routine

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Read my blog about this video