Daily Yoga

Lesson One

The videos in this program are designed for your personal practice and can be used daily.



This lesson focuses on the feet and hips. For the detailed attention to your hip joint and foot in this lesson, recline comfortably on your back

I recommend one 8ft yoga strap for the full effect. However, a shorter strap or other substitution can be used.

In fact... I want to stress the ability to use substitutions SO MUCH that I have a mini-series to show you how you can do a complete routine using a basic hand towel.


Beyond the instructions in the video, remember:

Move slowly enough to feel the effect of your breath through your body.

Each time you practice this routine is a new experience.

Pay attention to sensations.

Make subtle shifts in response to tension.

Relaxing is a process and in this session it can feel interesting!

Lesson One Mini Series

How To Stretch Your Hips

Yoga Supplement

Sacral Clock Exercise

This exercise will help support your lower back.

To do it, notice the broad bone at the base of the spine-- the sacrum. You can feel it when you're laying on your back.

Now imagine a clock on the sacrum.

When you tilt your tailbone up, the top of the pelvis presses down to the ground. Let's say this is 12'oclock.

When you tilt the tailbone down, the top of the pelvis rises and your lower back gently arches. Let's say this is 6'0clock.

Move from 12 to 6 a couple of times.

Synchronize your breath with each direction of movement. Notice how a slowness to the rhythm creates more thorough activation in the lower back and abdominal muscles.

Then, trace the movement around the imaginary clock in one direction and then the other.

This exercise will be useful in future lessons, so take your time exploring the sacral clock during your yoga time this week!


This completes lesson one... now continue using it!