How To Headstand | Boost Your Confidence, Balance, and Poise

The Yoga Headstand is traditionally considered one of the most important Yogic asanas. I must say, it was the FIRST Yoga pose that caused an immense level of clarity and sparked a desire to develop my home practice. Iyengar teaches that before we advance into headstand variations, we first must have the balance and poise to sustain traditional Headstand (Salamba Sirsasana A) for 5 minutes. This ensures that our body is strong and healthy to progress into more intricate movements.

Please enjoy this video: My Demo of Headstand with Leg Variations and a transition into 2 Backbends!

Iyengar says:

It takes time for the beginner to become oriented to his surroundings while he is balancing on his head. Everything will seem at first to be completely unfamiliar…. After one has learned balance against a wall, one should try the head stand in the middle of the room. There will be a few spills and one must learn the art of falling as indicated above. Learning to do Sirsasana in the middle of a room gives the beginner great confidence.

How To Do Headstand

For my “How To Headstand” Video Tutorial (including MORE amazing teachings on Headstand from Iyengar) please visit my programs page – Choose any program, and also receive this gift of “How To Do Headstand!” straight to your inbox. Precautions include serious neck or shoulder injuries (in which case there are many other Yoga poses to practice!) I hope you will enjoy the practice as much as I enjoy sharing it with you 🙂

5 Replies to “How To Headstand | Boost Your Confidence, Balance, and Poise”

  1. As usual, good information, but for a beginner like me I just not there yet. Impressive video, you are just getting it girl!

    1. Heya! The video I posted here is the advanced demo. There is a separate “how to” beginner headstand video that I’ll be emailing to members in the program tomorrow. Keep an eye open for it. Maybe you’ll want to try at least the first part 🙂

      1. I saw your beginner headstand video today and commented on it in vimeo. I will respond to your welcome to Yoga current letter tomorrow as well as try the headstand. Feeling brave!

  2. I have fallen in love with the way you do your yoga ,I enjoyed your video how to the headstand. Can you plz tell me what yoga I can do for menapose .Thank you so much for registarng for your web site.

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