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Zahavah Jewelry Stackable Rings

Zahavah Jewelry


timeless keepsake jewelry. amulets and talismans. sacred symbols and stones. wedding jewelry and sets for men and women. custom wedding bands, gold sets with semi precious stones. engrave dates and words.

Surya Furniture Floor Decor Accent Pouf



Experts at merging form with function, we translate the most relevant apparel and home decor into fashion-forward products across a range of styles, price points and categories. Surya has a strong history of contributing to the social and economic welfare of the communities we serve.

Hugger Mugger Yoga Props

Hugger Mugger


For more than 25 years, Hugger Mugger has been known as an innovator of technically excellent yoga products serving yoga teachers and students throughout the world. Hugger Mugger is committed to developing products of performance, style and comfort. We feel life is a journey and Yoga enriches us in many ways, making our journey one of celebration.

Design Consultant Courtney Bell Design

Atma's Offerings


Atma’s Offerings was created to equip yogis, healers and artists with one-of-a kind tools to enhance and deepen the beauty of your practice, whatever it may be. Our intention is to bring devotional items from around the world to yogis and others who desire to serve with creativity and make a lasting impression on your clients and community.

... there is beauty in simplicity.