More About Each Video

Find out more about each video in Great Affection, my brand new complete Seasonal Yoga program, and sign up here!

This program will be delivered via email to your inbox over the course of 4 weeks, with direct links that give you unlimited video access for the duration of 3 months.  You have unlimited access to the full program so you can practice according to your own scheduling needs.

Week One-

The first video is a 20-minute instructional sequence of foundational Standing Postures. These poses are based on a Classic lineage, strategically sequenced to develop stability and coordination, making you feel confident, balanced, and energised in your body. In this video, there is no pressure on your hands or wrists. It is very informative and it is perfect for beginners and for all ages, as well as for people with injuries or pain in their lower back, hips, shoulder, or wrists. During your first

During your first week, you will also receive a series of 5 succinct emails, delivered to your inbox in 5 consecutive days, containing 5 short video clips, links to 5 corresponding private blogs. This will set you up to fully enjoy the informative, accessible, and fun nature of the program!

Week Two and Three –

The second and third videos take the foundational skill that you learn in the first video and add a new element to liberate the movement patterns of your shoulders and hips. I made these videos to combine strategy and playfulness while not over-working your mind, body, or breath.

Week Four –

I am including 2 short supplementary videos (5 minutes each) that guide you through the sequence with more fluidity and grace… and that leave you with a fun challenge!

If you have not signed up yet, meow it the time! Follow this link to register for the complete program for $18. Refunds are honored for up to 3-days after purchase.

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