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Nourish Yoga for Digestion
30 Min Guided Session w/Music
30 Min Guided Session w/Music
30 Min Guided Session w/Music
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More About Nourish Yoga for Digestion
30 Min Guided Session w/Music
This is a slow, nurturing yoga sequence that gently stimulates the health of your digestive system. If you ever experience indigestion or bloating, this sequence will help you feel better. It is also a lovely way to keep your body in yoga shape with a relaxing pace. Each pose can be practiced as a kind of embrace.
10 Poses for Digestive Health:
  • Vajrasana
As you deepen the rhythm of your breath, imagine your inhale begins at the base of your spine as it fills your lungs. This will keep your breath traveling through your back-body and allow your breath to work more efficiently throughout your abdominal organs. Avoid "belly breathing" as much as possible.  
  • Child's Pose with side-compression
Separate your knees barely wider than hip-width, so that your thighs compress along your abdomen. Use a cushion under you belly and chest if you are experiencing indigestion or bloating. Rock your body weight to the right-side and rest for 3 breaths. Rock your weight to the left and rest for 3 more breaths.
  • Extended Puppy

From hands-and-knees, extend your arms forward and lower to your elbows, chest, and chin. Place a cushion under your chest and chin if the stretch is uncomfortable. Allow your shoulders to sink as your hips and belly swoop up. You will feel a stretch in your throat and belly.

  • Cat's Spiral
Begin with c-curves, drawing your hips to the right and tucking your ear towards right shoulder. Then to the left. Continue the c-curve and it will become a spiral when you add the flexion and extension of Cat's Breath.
  • Downward Dog
Establish your Down Dog position. Then shift more body weight into your right hand and foot, while drawing your right hip and thigh back. Extend through from your pinky (little) finger to the base of your index (pointer) and thumb. Hold for 3 breaths before moving to the left side.
  • Boat Pose
Begin with reclined core work, criss-crossing your ankles. Then proceed into Half Boat and Full Boat. Maintain a strong lower back, eliminating any arch by dialing your navel towards your spine and engaging the base of your core and sitting bones.
  • Ray of Light

From Seated Staff, bend your right knee and plant your foot in front of your right sitting bone. Wrap your arms around your right leg and feel the gently compression or your belly and cheat into your thigh. Next, tuck you right shoulder on the inside or your right leg and reach your hand to clasp the front foot pad (base of your big-toe). Clasp the foot pad with both hands and maintain poise for 3 breaths. Repeat on the left side.


  • Ray of Light Twist

From Seated Staff, bend your right knee and begin Ray of Light. Step your right foot over your left thigh, so when you wrap your arms around your right leg your torso is gently twisting over your hips. Place your right hand to the mat behind your hips, twisting your upper body further to the right. Maintain for 3 breaths. Repeat on the left side.


  • Supported Bridge with One Leg Up

Lying on your back, scooch a cushion under your hips. Allow your body to rest down into the support of the cushion and ground. Feel your belly relaxing in this gentle stretch. Option to lift your right knee and extend your leg up. Press more firmly through your left foot as your right leg lifts. Maintain for 3 breaths. Repeat on left side.


  • Bridge
From the ground, lift your hips and reach your hands to clasp around your heels. Tuck your arms under your body for support. Continue lifting up through your hips and thighs as you anchor through your feet, heels, and arms. Relax your belly. Maintain for 3 breaths.
  • Reclined Twist and Cobbler with back support

Seated on the ground, lie back onto a cushion to support your back and head. Shift your hips to the left as your stagger your knees into a twist to the right. Stretch your left arm open and place your right hand towards your knees. Maintain for 3 breaths. Repeat on left side.

For Cobbler, place the soles of your feet together and butterfly your knees apart. Rest with your hands on your hips.

Stretch your legs, and gently roll up to a comfortable seat, basking in the afterglow of your practice.

30 Min Guided Session w/Music
Target your core strength with this slow, nurturing yoga sequence!
10 Poses for Core Strength:
  • Reclined Leg Stretch with 8ft strap
    • first leg (6:20)
    • second leg (7:25)
    • both legs together (8:27)
    • hug legs (11:25)
  • Random Massage Ball (11:50)
    • upper back
    • place between shoulder blade and spine
    • 30 seconds each side
  • Apanasana (13:15)
  • Bicycle Core (14:35)
  • Low Back Core Pulse (16:53)
  • Legs Together (17:55)
    • Lower Legs
    • Lift Legs
    • Gentle Twist (19:37)
  • Figure Four (19:50)
    • Pinwheel Twist
  • Figure Four 2nd side (21:20)
    • Pinwheel Twist
  • Bridge (22:30)
  • Pigeon Fold (24:22)
    • w/ Sway
    • Extended Puppy (26:18)
  • Pigeon Fold 2nd side (26:52)
    • w/Sway
    • Extended Puppy (29:10)
  • Gomukasana Leg Cross (30:00)
    • Hand-to-Foot Compression
    • One Arm Stretch
    • Neck Stretch
  • 2nd Side (34:12))
  • Savasana (38:00)
30 Min Guided Session w/Music

In this video, I'm using no props! We begin seated with the breath. To be upright and relaxed while breathing deeply requires structural support. It corresponds with an alertness throughout body and mind. If you're feeling lethargic, bloated, or ill I recommend referring to the previous two videos-- Nourish Yoga. 

Yoga to Relax and Recharge | 15 Poses for Digestion, Mood, and Posture

  • Sequence One (2:19)
    • Child with Side Stretches
    • Extended Puppy
    • Sphinx

    Sequence Two (5:55)

    • Cat's Breath with Spiral
    • Camel
    • Half Bow

    Sequence Three (9:27)

    • Down Dog
    • Extended Plank
    • Up Dog

    Sequence Four (12:45)

    • Down Dog with Leg Lift
    • Extended Lunge
    • Low Crescent

    Sequence Five (18:05)

    • Dolphin
    • Extended Fold
    • Reclined Half Hero

    Rest (25:43)