Yoga Blocks, Straps, Bolsters and more

Alignment, Flow, and Restoration

Yoga Props will give your body the support it needs for a high quality Alignment Practice. Sustain postures longer, breathe through deeper sensations, and transform your experience of basic, intermediate, and advanced postures.


Achieve balance, flexibility, and relaxation with Yoga Props in Flow Practice. Seamlessly transition into Half Moon balance with a block under your hand, catch your back foot with a strap in King Pigeon, and roll out your calves to touch your toes in Forward Fold.


Let time to do the work for you. Open your joints, support your posture, and challenge your flexibility with Restoration Practice. It's anything but boring when your body and mind are aching with stress or pain. Do what you love for longer by spending time in Restoration Yoga.

My Favorite Yoga Props

And How To Use Them


Alignment, Flow, Restoration

You can purchase one block for the basics or you can purchase two blocks to have more practice options in Alignment and Flow. Two identical blocks are suggested for Restoration. The Cork Blocks are sturdier than the Foam and provide extra comfort for balance and stability.

Blocks >


Alignment, Flow, Restoration

You need one good strap. You can choose either a metal D-Ring or a plastic Quick Qelease. A small 6ft strap will be enough for a Flow practice but for Alignment and Restoration you need more length. I use the 8ft strap, but if you are tall you might want it to be 10ft.

Straps >


Alignment, Restoration

Bolsters are essential for Restoration but they also used in Alignment practice. Options include Standard, Round, and Junior bolsters. If you are thin, get Standard. If you have curves, get Round. If you are small, get Junior. Choose from a selection of patterns or solid colors.

Bolsters >


Alignment, Flow

Place the wedge under your hands to ease tension through your wrists in postures such as Plank, Downward Dog, and Crow. You can also place it under your heels to access extension through the backs of your legs and thighs. Choose between Foam and Cork.

Wedge >


Alignment, Restoration

Go deeper into stretches by adding the weight of 10lb sandbags. I recommend two sandbags in postures such as Cobbler and Hero Pose. One sandbag can be used in Pigeon and Child's pose. You can build strength and flexibility with one or two sandbags in Warrior poses.

Sandbags >

Neck Pillow

Alignment, Flow, Restoration

A neck pillow will help to release stress in your shoulders and neck and and ease tension in sore muscles. I recommend the Peachskin Neck Pillow but the Silk one is also good. If you'd like to experience even deeper relaxation, use an Eye Pillow along with the Neck Pillow.

Neck Pillow >


Alignment, Flow, Restoration

Have a comfortable seat for meditation and seated postures with the Sukasana Cushion. It is also used as a light-weight bolster for lower back and neck support. Filled with organic buckwheat hulls, it will contour to your body's shape as it provides comfortable support.

Cushion >

Restorative Kit

Alignment, Flow, Restoration

This kit is tailored to a Restoration practice and includes a practice book to show you how to use all of the props. The only difference from my recommendations it the strap is only 6ft, but it will still work for Alignment, Flow, and Restoration practices.

Restoration >

Eye Pillow

Alignment, Flow, Restoration

An Eye Pillow will help you go deeper into relaxation during Savasana and many postures in Restoration practices. You can also use your eye pillow anytime you want to lounge and block light from your eyes. Couple it with a Neck Pillow to experience new levels of relaxation.

Eye Pillow >

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