Warrior Practice

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Part Two, Lesson One

Warrior poses can create a strong foundation for a daily practice. There are three Warrior Poses-- notably called Warrior One, Two, and Three. Each Warrior builds strength and alignment in your body. Here are two practice videos to dive into Warrior One.

In Video One you will find an Warrior One Alignment practice using a yoga block and yoga strap (or hand towel).

This sets the precedent for Video Two which presents Warrior One in a flow practice. Video Two also challenges you with a balance pose called Standing Pigeon.

Align and Flow
Video One

15 minute practice video.

Video Two

22 minute practice video.

Is it challenging to keep your front knee bent, or your back heel down? If it is, don't worry! There are ways to work with that. Use the comment card below if you have any questions 🙂

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Lesson One - Align and Flow