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Dear Courtney,

Thank you for posting your videos. I used to think that yoga was so boring but you changed the way I feel about it because of your awesome vibe and a cool personality. Keep doing what you're doing!!!


Since [2020] started I haven't been able to play football and I just felt I was losing some flexibility, I guess I would have been stretching a lot before without realizing how beneficial it actually was until I stopped. So I needed to find something else, and a friend recommended either yoga or pilates as a substitute and here we are, I found you on YouTube and liked the videos so I gave patreon a shot

MAY 2021


I just did your latest yoga warm-up. Going on vacation (staycation) next week so it's "Courtney Yoga Time" every morning next week to hopefully form a new daily habit. I only do them once every few days so I'm trying to do them more often.

JULY 2020


I finally got my back checked out and ended up in physical therapy (slipped disk). Between that and of course your videos I feel 100% better.

APRIL 2021

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