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Join this online yoga class community and receive new yogas with Courtney. Videos are typically ready by Sundays, giving you a new video to follow along with throughout the week.

Videos have clear audio and visuals with demonstrations to make each video easy to understand, and an all-around pleasant user experience.

We recommend having a yoga mat, yoga strap, and one or two yoga blocks. You can substitute a hand towel or resistance band for most exercises that use a yoga strap. Let's get started!

Monthly prices are pledged at Patreon - starting at $5/mo

Yearly prices are pledged at Yoga Current - 10% discount

Monthly Subscriptions

Join my Patreon yoga community to receive access to hundreds of previous yoga videos, plus be the first to know about my latest creations. Subscriptions are available starting at $5 for monthly yoga videos, yoga video series, and more.

Read about everything that I offer on each tier and pledge to join me on this online yoga video journey!

As my subscriptions grow, my ability to create thrives and I'd like to express how much it means to me. Join me for online yoga when you join my Patreon Yoga page. I will see you there.


Tier One - Yoga Patron


ALL patrons get first access to my YouTube Yoga Videos.

Thank you for your support as I grow my channel!

Tier Two - Yoga Program


In this tier, you get first access to my YouTube Yoga Videos plus a Monthly Yoga Program focusing on a yoga theme to benefit health and posture each month.

You will have a comprehensive yoga program of 3 - 4 videos to watch and follow-along with every month. Videos will be available for you by Sunday.

Tier Three - Yoga Current


In this tier, you get ALL of the previous rewards plus a personal membership at Yoga Current.

A new web page is designed for each new video series, and this membership gives you direct access.


Patreon Yoga
Tier Four - Yoga Scenes


You receive everything from the previous tiers, plus you get a variety of yoga scenes content. I post at least 2-3 videos from my home practice on this tier each month, and give you access to a private webpage at yoga current.
Tier Five - Custom Videos


You get everything from the previous tiers, plus I will make a custom yoga video every 4 months that you pledge at this level.

Over the course of 4 months, there is time to message about your practice and lifestyle, which helps me gather ideas about how to make your custom video.

Tier Six - Private Sessions


Private sessions via Zoom will be available soon.

Yearly Subscriptions

Yearly pricing offers 10% discount

Monthly subscriptions available on Patreon.



Weekly Yoga Videos
Monthly Video Series
Monthly Webpage


Weekly Yoga Videos
Monthly Video Series
Behind the Scenes
2 Monthly Webpages


Weekly Yoga Videos
Monthly Video Series
Behind the Scenes
Custom Video Requests
2+ Monthly Webpages


Weekly Yoga Videos
Monthly Video Series
Behind the Scenes
Custom Video Requests
Private Sessions Online
2+ Monthly Webpages

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