Yoga at Home

We create online yoga videos for you to enjoy in the comfort of home. To follow along, we recommend having a yoga mat, yoga strap, and one or two yoga blocks. Our videos have clear audio and visuals (we demo everything for you) and we strive to make each video easy to understand and an all-around pleasant user experience.

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Tier One - Yoga Patron


ALL patrons get first access to my YouTube Yoga Videos.

Thank you for your support as I grow my channel!

Tier Two - Yoga Program


In this tier, you get first access to my YouTube Yoga Videos plus a Monthly Yoga Program focusing on a yoga theme to benefit health and posture each month.

You will have a comprehensive yoga program of 3 - 4 videos to watch and follow-along with every month. Videos will be available for you by Sunday.

Tier Three - Yoga Current


In this tier, you get ALL of the previous rewards plus a personal membership at Yoga Current.

A new web page is designed for each new video series, and this membership gives you direct access.


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info coming soon!