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Bring Your Yoga Home
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Learn yoga from the comfort of home with skillful videos taught for all levels.


Start by choosing how often you would like to receive a new video. You can start with one video at the beginning of each month or a new video each week. Each video has a theme and is part of a monthly yoga series.


Receive healing benefits of yoga by following the steps of alignment, breath, and flow. Each video is delivered to your inbox and posted online with a written note to map out the session and explain the purpose and benefits of the practice.


Connect with teachers who have years of experience teaching yoga, working with students, and practicing bodywork. Make progress in each session with asana, breath, meditation, and flow.

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Hello to all,

Do you love the freedom of practicing yoga at home? Do you enjoy the art of self care, health and wellbeing? Do you find self improvement to be fun?

So do we!

Yoga Current will continue to grow with new videos and educational resources this year. We love to share the knowledge and practice of this ancient wisdom and its modern victories.

We hope that you continue to find yoga that you love.


Stay awhile! Follow along!