About Yoga Current

My passion project at Yoga Current is shifting!

Get ready for something completely new in the next few weeks, as I have created new unique programs with a fresh website designed to reach more people in profoundly purposeful ways!

The web address will still be the same, yogacurrent.com, so keep it bookmarked and get ready for the next blast of yoga with yours truly, Courtney Bell.

My new website is a valuable design and has taken many stretches of days and nights to complete. In addition, the cost of video hosting is also very high. As I transition into the next level, I invite you to lend a helping hand and offer a donation in exchange for my most priced services in the land of Yoga Current thus far:

  1. You can make a donation in exchange for daily videos from me!
  2. You can also make a donation in exchange for custom made videos from me!

Follow the links for the donation page. It is a one-time payment with no recurring fees or commitments that will grant you membership to my donation program. Read more details when you register.

You can also directly donate through Venmo sending donations to CourtneyBellYogaCurrent (email address seabell22@yahoo.com)!

Here are those links again –


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