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Week One-

The first video is a 20-minute instructional sequence of foundational Standing Postures. These poses are based on a Classic lineage, strategically sequenced to develop stability and coordination, making you feel confident, balanced, and energised in your body. In this video, there is no pressure on your hands or wrists. It is very informative and it is perfect for beginners and for all ages, as well as for people with injuries or pain in their lower back, hips, shoulder, or wrists. During your first

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Week Two and Three –

The second and third videos take the foundational skill that you learn in the first video and add a new element to liberate the movement patterns of your shoulders and hips. I made these videos to combine strategy and playfulness while not over-working your mind, body, or breath.

Week Four –

I am including 2 short supplementary videos (5 minutes each) that guide you through the sequence with more fluidity and grace… and that leave you with a fun challenge!

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With Great Affection

I absolutely love this picture and quote because I identify with the sensations of contentment, stability, and blissfulness within yoga. And I’d like to ask YOU if you also feel this in your yoga.

Do you feel colorful heart symbols bursting through your poses? How about friendly birds perched onto your side?


Maybe so?

Well, I definitely want you to FEEL YOUR YOGA through the sentiment of this quote, “with Great Affection!

And so, I have an instructional yoga class for you to follow along with that will MAKE YOUR YOGA SHINE from the inside out.

This is a supportive and informative class in which I teach you, step by step, how to access the POWER to FEEL deeply refreshed in your yoga.

More information on this upcoming online class coming soon. Pre-registration with an early-bird discount is open until April 26th.

Yoga For Spring Video Inside! Loving Impermanence

Spring season is swiftly approaching. My current inspiration for the coming of spring struck me this year like sparks  of flashing lights – the magic of impermanence.

It feels a lot like love.

Impermanence is exciting. It brings me to a state of alertness and sensitivity while teetering on the scales of attachment, reminiscent of the fear of loss by letting go.

Here are a few things preceding this Spring that significantly remind me of impermanence:


The way the cast of sunlight changes throughout the day.

The way the air feels on my face and through my hair in the morning.

The new people walking on the sidewalks and hanging out in the park.

The fresh bird songs coming from neighborhood trees.


This is my subjective experience of how the outside world shifts in distinct yet simple ways.

It feels refreshing for me, inspiring me to be strong and to bring my best to life.

On the flip side, I know that impermanence can hurt (also like love) when we resist its natural course.

This is why it is important to stay current.

When balanced and sensitized, any suffering that comes from attachment and from the fear of loss can be embraced with the reality hook of all that is here now.

Here are a few ways I respond in my daily life to stay in the uplifting current of loving impermanence:


I place value on rest and relaxation.

I spend time daily on keeping my home clean and organized.

I look for ways to add symbols of beauty and elements of nature to my world.

I trust the inspiration of my clear thoughts and dreams.

My yoga sequences also shift into new movement patterns, empowered with a strength that deeply grounds my body and welcomes the uprising of self-expression.  Would you like to follow along with me as I teach this yoga sequence that mirrors the shift into our new season, this spring? I invite you to join me, right where you are, on this new online yoga video for Spring.

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Underlying the Inner Thigh Gap

Reading the following article reminded me of the dearly sought after “inner thigh gap” that displays a thin appearance of the femur bones. Now, as much as it would be an easy shot for me to condemn the “inner thigh gap” in order to justify the point that such superficial characteristics do not define beauty, I want to veer away from the focus of body aesthetics and beauty all together.

My goal is to contemplate what is beneath the surface of this issue.

What is the the underlying desire?

When we get more and more people to wake up to this question, then we can collectively achieve some kind of satisfaction.

In the article, “For the Record,” Jennifer Aniston boldly took a stance to dismantle the lies that have become a foundation for the way that we see others, and ourselves, as women. Aniston’s clarity demonstrated the power in vulnerability, as she recognized her place within the great tapestry of false truths that we women are rising up against today.

I love to dismantle lies! Furthermore, I love to overturn lies with an experience of truth.

And so I wondered,

What if more people connected to the sensation at the depth of their femurs?

Once awareness and action have merged into the hidden foundation of this mysterious part of the body, anatomically located at the Greater Trochanter, perhaps the fascination with a superficial visual aesthetic known as the “inner thigh gap” will fade.

The following video is from my Yoga Pose Collection, guiding you into the awareness and action of Reclined Pigeon.

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Savvy Summer Tips | Part 3

What do Aloe Vera, Coral Reefs, and Mushroom Coffee have in common? They all take care of elemental aspects of our health and happiness…whether traveling or not.


They are all feature below in my favorite products to reach for.


1. Aloe Vera Juice by Lily of the Desert

Aloe has been used medicinally for thousands of years, both topically and internally. These days, there are lots of Aloe Vera Juices you can reach for, but this company Lily of the Desert uses whole leaf, inner fillet of aloe so your body receives optimal support from the plant. It is very hydrating for your body during the heat, it stimulates healthy digestion, helps reduce harmful toxins in your body, and aids in nutrient absorption. Also it can help reduce occasional heartburn. Add an ounce to your water or juice… or take a straight shot of it on a daily basis. You might want to eat a strawberry after to balance out the strong taste.



2. Reef Safe Sun Block by MyChelle

As a child growing up on the coast, I would sport brightly colored Zinc Oxide sunblocks on my face… like art. As an adult, it’s been difficult to find a sunblock that I enjoy painting my face with as much as I did when I was a kid. On the shelves at Whole Foods and Sprouts, I’ve discovered this company and I gave their Reef Safe Sun Block a shot and ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. There is no fragrance, no stickiness, no oiliness. Just moisturizing, sun-blocking, reef-loving goodness.


3. Mushroom Coffee by Four Sigmatic

I discovered these little packets at the Paleo f(x) conference this year, then found them on the shelves of Sprouts’ supplement section. These Coffee packs feature adaptogenic mushrooms called Cordyceps which boost your metabolism, support your adrenal glands, and cut down the acidity and caffeine levels of your regular cup of Joe. The company also features other medicinal mushrooms which deserves a separate blog series in and of itself 🙂


Savvy Travel Tips | Part 2

Savvy Travel Tips, continued from Savvy Travel Tip part 1, is all about what you can do to feel better and nourish your health while traveling. And, this post has a video inside! Chances are, when you are traveling you are not pedaling a bicycle, running, or riding a horse. When you are traveling, you are sitting in some kind of chair for a long period of time. This has a disruptive effect on your health which can result in a variety of uncomfortable situations, like lower back pain, “cabin fever”,  and even  constipation.

Don’t let that stop you from taking the road trip or airplane ride 🙂 You just need to have a few savvy travel tips in your back pocket.

In my next few posts, I’ll show you examples of more Savvy Travel Tips. These will include how to be savvy with low back support, seated stretches, body mists, and snack packs 🙂

For now, check out my latest video to stretch your legs, decompress your spine, and rejuvenate your digestive power.

Savvy Travel Tips | Part 1

Savvy Travel Tips, coming at ya.

There are a number of things we can do to prevent medical emergencies while traveling, and one of those things is to eat an apple. Here are a few more Savvy Travel Tips that I have enjoyed during my short travels this summer, not only to prevent emergencies but to promote optimal health, comfort, and well being.

I’ve grouped them into two categories to help you identify how you can give yourself LOTS of quality self-care.

The first category has to do with the external environment. When you travel, you spend hours at a time inside cars and planes. The second category is in regards to your physique… (get ready for some Savvy Travel Yoga Tips!)

Indoor Air Pollution

We know that fuel efficiency is key to minimizing external air pollution, but did you know that you are subject to indoor air pollution from your vehicle? If you travel in a car or plane for long periods of time, the recycled air conditioning will easily de-hydrate your skin and circulation. This, coupled with prolonged exposure to the chemicals inside vehicle upholstery and plastics has a severe effect on your internal health. The risks are greatest in summer, when car interiors can get as hot as 192º F. Studies show that heat and UV light will trigger the release of toxic chemicals inside your vehicle.

Here are a few things you can do to combat the adverse conditions of indoor air pollution, and take care of your health.

#1 – Clean! Keep a clean car but be careful about how it is cleaned. Avoid commercial car shampoos and scotchgard. The last time I had my car professionally cleaned, I nearly choked on the fumes inside my car. No matter how much I aired out my car I could not get rid of the toxicity. So I took a natural disinfectant and wiped down the plastic paneling. Wiping down the surface layers took care of most of the toxicity.

#2 – Hydrate! The better you can stay hydrated, the better your body will naturally detox itself. Water, or fruits and vegetables, keep your cells dancing with life force.

#3 – Mist! I like to keep a travel size spray bottle in the car filled with water and a few drops of essential oil. Essential oils like On Guard, Breathe, and Lemon help to strengthen your immune system, clear your respiratory system, and stimulate your sensory awareness.

#4 – Vitamins! If you feel like you need extra supplements to bring life force to a stale environment, vitamins can give you that extra support. I like to use Vitamin C, plus a collection of Cellular Support, Food Nutrient, and Omegas. I like to use the DoTerra vitamin pack.


Are you interested in getting some high-quality essential oils and vitamins at wholesale prices? If so, email me at

Stay tuned for Savvy Travel Tips | Part 2 in regards to your physique and including demonstrations of Travel Yoga!

The Guest House | 10 Tenets of Yoga

This being human is a guest house.
Every morning a new arrival.

A joy, a depression, a meanness,
some momentary awareness comes
As an unexpected visitor.

Welcome and entertain them all!

Even if they’re a crowd of sorrows,
who violently sweep your house
empty of its furniture,
still treat each guest honorably.
He may be clearing you out
for some new delight.

The dark thought, the shame, the malice,
meet them at the door laughing,
and invite them in.

Be grateful for whoever comes,
because each has been sent
as a guide from beyond.

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I’m basing my new writing on Rumi’s poem The Guest House in order to address the tenets of Yoga as if they are characters to welcome, entertain, and develop; as if they were tenants of The Guest House.

The first tenet of Yoga is AHIMSA, which translates from Sanskrit into non-violence. Gandhi based his life on this spiritual principle as an example of how peace can be a powerful force in the world.

The thing is, the very notion of a tenet may cause many people to become so rigidly fixated on beliefs that they end up living blind to how their attitude and actions are manifesting. For example, a person can get caught up in one way of practicing AHIMSA but then end up watering seeds of anger when another person’s way of cultivating non-violence and loving-kindness differs from their belief.



While beliefs, attitudes, and actions are vital to improving our character and developing a strong ego, they can limit us and even get us into trouble.

It is best when our tenets remain in focus with a larger framework of values.



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