About Yoga Current

My online yoga business at Yoga Current is shifting and I AM SO HAPPY to share the new design with you. I’ve spent long stretches of time creating the content and it is NEARLY READY TO LAUNCH!!!!!

During the final days of my original Yoga Current blog, I invite you to scroll down and read the short bursts of poetry I wrote on my last vacation to the coast, when the moon was full and where the waves were small đŸ™‚ I was inspired.

I’m also making custom videos and offering my 7-day video series for those of you who would like to donate to my site!

  • The 7-day video series will be emailed with a new video each day. I filmed this series in beautiful outdoor settings, and each video includes instructions for you to follow along!
  • The custom videos will be made individually for your specific needs upon request.

These have been the most popular program features at Yoga Current thus far, and I am honoured to offer them for a gracious donation. I welcome your emails, comments, feedback, and always your testimonials.


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Look back to see the beauty of it all let loose, like light casting the future,

not destined to hold back.

It’s awesome.