My Favorite Yoga Mats

And Why I Love Them

Sattva Jute Yoga Mat

This has been my primary yoga mat for home practice for over three years. It is very durable and light weight, and I love the natural look. The fibrous surface is a relaxing change from the stickier yoga mats. It feels great on my feet and legs in child's pose, like they are getting extra stimulation from the soft texture. Also, there's no slipping in downward dog! This mat provides excellent grip. I usually leave it open on the floor, ready for practice, but it rolls up easily and becomes compact for storing in the closet or car. To clean, I've washed in the washing machine three times. Still is in perfect condition.

Manduka Begin Yoga Mat

I purchased this yoga mat from Amazon in 2020, and have found it to be an excellent mat for floor exercises and yoga workouts. It is thick and cushy,  but still stable for balancing practice. I especially enjoy the center alignment strip, which provides simple and effective reference for positioning hands and feet. I can make adjustments to my stance in a flash, aligning my feet on the "tight rope" / "balance beam." Without the alignment strip, it takes a bit more time for precision. I imagine that it will need more regularly cleaning with a cloth, because it does show forehead prints from child's pose 🙂

Prana Flow Mandala Mat

This is a beautifully handmade yoga mat that I purchased on etsy in 2019. It's called the Eco-Friendly Prana Flow Mandala Mat. The designs on the lush micro-suede surface are magical and meditative. It is very soft, thin, and durable round mat. I like to overlay it on my sattva jute mat so that I can stretch out into a full practice with downward dogs and all. On its own, the round mat provides a comfortable space for floor, seated, and reclined flows. Friends in Costa Rica have used it as a decorative piece-- pictured here. Click the photo to link directly to the Prana Flow Mandala Mat etsy page.

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