Yoga Series

Morning One

This week, notice the distinction from drawing your arms forward to lift your hands and opening your arms wide.

Opening your arms is expansive and empowering. It stretches your shoulders and chest, and prepares your body for backbends.

In this video you will explore these qualities in Low Lunge with a backbend clasp, High Lunge with open arms, and Side Plank variations.

Here is a step-by-step guide:

Begin standing with open arms, arching the upper back.

Enter Chair Pose to strengthen your legs, buttocks and core. Then step your left foot back.

Make your way into Low Lunge and clasp your fingers behind your body. Inhale and Exhale.

Release your hands to touch the ground and press your back leg into High Lunge. Stretch your arms open, elongate your spinal column and stretch your shoulders. Then return your hands to the ground.

Step into Plank and transition into a variation of Side Plank on both sides, with staggered feet.

Vinyasa ~ lower through Chaturanga and lift into Upward Dog - or modify with knees on the ground and Cobra - and then take Downward Dog.

Repeat on your second side. Step your left foot forward into Low Lunge and clasp your fingers behind your back.

Press your back leg into High Lunge and stretch your arms open. Explore the posture and return your hands to the ground.

Plank, into Side Planks.

Vinyasa ~

Hold Downward Dog for one minute.

Round Two repeats the process and incorporates:

  • Downard Dog Splits
  • Side Plank Tree Pose
  • Side Plank Backbend
  • Whale Tail Chaturanga


Rest and Relaxation

More Yoga To Compliment Your Routine