30 Minutes

Lesson Two | Core

Satya -Truth

For me, Satya, truth­practice is all about alignment.

In a yoga pose, we might consider whether the alignment of our hips is true and squared, like in down­dog with one leg lifted. Off the mat, we may ask ourselves whether our words, thoughts, and actions are all aligned with each other so that all of these expressions become true reflections of our deepest self. Being untrue, is really just a symptom of misalignment­ either on the mat, or in word, thought, or deed.

So one of the biggest requirements of any Satya truth­practice is discernment.

Sometimes the hardest part of true alignment, is recognizing first where and when we are misaligned. This isn’t easy for a beginner to do in yoga poses ­ that’s why beginners need teachers and videos and diagrams to guide them in proper alignment, until they learn for themselves what true alignment feels and looks like. Similarly, most of us require guidance, either from a trusted outside source or from deep inner reflection, to aid us in fine tuning our alignment between our words, thoughts, and actions.


When have I recently said YES, when I really meant NO?
When have my recent actions been in misalignment with my true feelings?
When have my thoughts recently fallen into a pattern of reinforcing a belief in something that isn’t really true (ex: “I’m not good enough”, “There are no good single available men out there”, “I’ll never be able to do crow pose”, etc)
Try listing one thing you know is true. What can you do today to reinforce that truth in your life?


Satya meditation can be a very beautiful way to simplify your thoughts. Find a comfortable seat, either in a chair with feet planted firmly on the earth, or cross­legged/kneeling as is comfortable for your body. Close your eyes and let your mind follow whatever thoughts or feelings arise, and then ask yourself the simple question “is this true?” What I find is that my mind settles on the simple things like, “Now I am inhaling ­ this is true.” Keep following that thread... what else is true? Allow your mind to meditate only on the simple things you know to be true. Another example, “in this moment, I have everything I need.” Or even simpler, “I feel my feet on the floor ­ this is true.” By letting go of loftier judgments, opinions, and emotions for the time­being, we are able to experience inner peace in the present moment, just by focusing on Satya, Truth. Spend 5-­15min in this meditation technique, and try it 3 times this week.


Feel free to email me or post on my FB wall this week any questions you have, so far, about alignment.

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