30 Minutes

Lesson Three | Headstand & Handstand

Asteya - Generosity & Nonstealing

Lesson 3 ASTEYA Generosity/Non­Stealing (Focus on Headstand + Handstand) 

Generosity and Non­stealing are two sides of the coin, when it comes to practicing Asteya. I mention non­stealing a lot in our video practice this week, in terms of not “stealing” a pose that doesn’t really belong to you yet; don’t rush your progress; stay the course and build up to challenging poses like headstand and handstand slowly and skillfully for the best results. Generosity is equally important when it comes to Asteya ­­ it’s not enough to just cultivate the absence of stealing in our practice, we need also manifest an activate habit of being generous. That means giving other people and yourself the benefit of the doubt. It means lending a hand when you can, and not expecting anything in return. It means believing there is enough to go around, and also believing that you can afford to be generous either with your time, money, or thoughts. It is often a “lack­mentality” that gets us into trouble when it comes to Asteya. Feeling like there isn’t enough time, money, or love to go around makes us feel the need to hoard. When we allow ourselves to soften into the notion that we already have everything we truly need, then our hearts are capable of expanding toward a truly great expression of generosity and a trust in the sustenance of the universe. 

Journal First make a wish list of all the stuff (monetary, emotional, status) that you wish you had. Next, redraft the list by reframing the way you see things. Look at your like in unexpected ways to find the presence of all the you secretly thought you lacked. (Wish you had a million bucks? Examine places in your life where you are financially stable already­­ for example, your rent got paid this month­ yay!) Allow yourself to focus on the positive. Feel gratitude for the abundance that you already posses, by refocusing your attention away from what you lack. By the end of this journaling exercise you should have a gratitude list of all the things you recognize as wonderful and abundant in your life. 

Meditation “Easy come, easy go” is the mantra for Asteya. The breath comes in, the breath goes out. There is no sense in holding your breath to try to save it for later, as we might attempt with money or affection when we are in a lack­mentality. For this week’s meditation, you are invited to melt into the sheer generosity of the universe found in the gift of every breath. The universe doesn’t hold back, it just keeps giving you breath after life­sustaining breath! How kind of the universe! Thank you universe, may I have another? Spend 5­15min at least 3 times this week in a simple meditation of breath­awareness and gratitude. If you find it difficult to concentrate or quiet your mind enough to focus on the breath, you could try our mantra “Easy come, easy go.” By the end of the meditation, feel yourself liberated from fear and letting go of the need to “hold on” to anything that isn’t yours for the keeping. 

Connect Feel free to email me or FB post if you have questions about contra­indications for headstand and handstand, or crave more tips about how to cultivate an inversions home practice. These poses are supposed to be safe and FUN!! 

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