Warrior Practice

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Part Two, Lesson Two

Improve Strength and Flexibility, Open Hips and Chest, & Invoke Peace and Power in Warrior Two.

"The standing warrior two is a fairly natural pose in which several kinds of twists make themselves apparent: abut 25-degrees in the pelvis, a 25-degree counter twist in the upper body, and a 90-degree twist in the neck.

"Then widen your stance and drop your weight (as strength and flexibility permit) until the front thigh is parallel to the floor. Keep the upper body upright, leaned neither forward nor backward. Beginners should compromise by not dropping their weight so far and adjusting their foot position so the leg is still perpendicular to the floor and the thigh angles up toward the pelvis."

Excerpt from Anatomy of Hatha Yoga



Align and Flow
Video One

3 minutes. Yoga Alignment.

Video Two

17 minutes. Yoga Flow.

Can you get deeper into your posture by using a block under your front hand in Triangle Pose?

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Lesson Two - Align and Flow