Yoga Series

Week One

Here are the six videos for Week One. They are a progression beginning with Warm Up and continuing into Vinyasa Basics and Beginner Sun Salutations. The final videos are tutorials practice proper alignment in key postures.

Here are some recommendations for each video:

  • Videos 1-3:

If you are working on flexibility, I recommend using two blocks (one block under each hand) in Standing Fold and Lunges. For sensitive knees, use a folded blanket or thin cushion between your lower leg and the floor. For wrist tension and carpal tunnel conditions, use a wedge block in Cat Cow and Downward Dog.

  • Video 4:

Use one 3" or 4" yoga block to practice the techniques of forward hip alignment. Use a yoga strap or hand towel to practice the technique for aligning front leg.

  • Video 5-6:

These videos are Deep Dive Tutorials. On all fours in Cat Cow, you can use a strap above your elbows to develop stability and range-of-motion in the arms and shoulders.

  • Rest and Relaxation

Don't forget the restorative yoga videos at the bottom of the page! Featuring Safe and Easy Stretches, and Legs Up The Wall.







Rest and Relaxation

More Yoga To Compliment Your Routine