A Side of Fresh Veggies!

I’ll be honest…. today for lunch, I had a taco made with veggie burger, tomato, lettuce, and rice. As a nutritional boost I added a side of freshly prepared veggies. The veggies were so beautiful and photogenic I could not resist taking their picture!

Here are the simple steps you can follow to prepare a side of fresh veggies for yourself. Substitute any veggies you like that are growing in your yard, hanging in your fridge, or awaiting your purchase at your local market.

My Side Veggies:

  • Fresh Asparagus- 1 bunch, chopped at 3/4 tips
  • Red Bell Pepper- quarter¬†cup, sliced
  • Yellow Summer Squash- half cup. chopped
  • Baby Portobello Mushrooms- half cup, sliced

Cooking prep:

  • Stove-top
  • Medium/large skillet
  • 1-TBSP ghee, or cooking oil for high heat (coconut, safflower, sesame)


#1 prep your veggies

A Side of Veggies


#2 use ghee (clarified butter) or high-heat cooking oil

A Side Of Veggies

#3 cook over medium/high heat (5-7min)

A Side of Veggies

#4 dish into serving bowl

A Side Of Veggies


#5 serve your side dish

Side of Veggies

#6 share with friends, family, roomies

#7 chill and save for later

Side of Veggies


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