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Real Life Benefits

I practice what I teach, and you can practice along with me in these programs. My personal favorite benefits include peacefulness, empowerment, strength, agility, toned muscles, happy attitudes, heightened sensations, and healthy thoughts. I hope that you will join me!

Courtney Bell Friend and Teacher Yoga Current

Rock the Clock

A morning Yoga challenge

7 New Yoga Videos

Each video is a full length guided class with Courtney for you to watch and follow along!

Weekly Schedule

At the beginning of each week, receive an email with inspiration and insight into the new video.

Your Own Time

This program is self paced. You get one-year unlimited access to all of the videos in this program when you sign up!

Ways to Get Started

Make a pledge

Become a patron and get yoga video rewards each month! Each pledge supports video quality and production to ensure Courtney & Yoga Current move forward!

What people are saying

"I started Courtney's videos about 4 months ago and am now doing them consistently. At this time I've noticed, quite rapidly, that my balance, posture, breathing overall all well being began to improve. Not to mention, visible weight loss! It makes me excited, and I have to say a huge thank you to Courtney. She makes yoga easy to add to one's daily routine for those of us not keen on group classes. I aim to keep yoga as a part of my life as it also helps me combat my depression and anxiety. Thank you and Namaste."


"Courtney's Yoga videos revitalize my body through her personalized approach to health. Her workouts target my specific sports injuries and problem areas. The videos save me time, are cost effective, and give me maximum results. I am peeling away many years of abuse from my 25 years in athletics and I've never felt better!"

Steve Professional Football Player & Coach

"I have been through some pretty nasty traffic accidents, and a serious surgery culminating in a fall at work. I felt such a tremendous loss when I was unable to walk and the weakness brought about a lot of mental distress. In my search for answers to discovering why I was so ill, how to help myself recover I came across Courtney's video programs. Wow, how inspirational! I have watched for about a year now and slowly as I have recovered, I find I can now do many of the poses. I have used many holistic therapies in which I learned to aid my recovery but watching her friendly, professional videos helped my mind find a great space to recover. "


"I was skeptical at first that I would be able to get into some of the positions, but was pleasantly surprised that the exercises and techniques Courtney presented turned my effort into a success. Courtney's Yoga has not only strengthened areas of my body that have been weak for years, but it has been instrumental in helping me achieve greater results from my chiropractic and deep-tissue sessions. My aching back and neck are so grateful!"

Jeff Volleyball Player & Coach