Lesson 10 | Ishvara Pranidhana

40 Minutes

Lesson Ten | Slowing Down

Ishvara Pranidhana - Surrender

We’ve reached our final lesson in this 10 ­class series! I like to think of the lesson of

Ishvara Pranidhana as “you’ve tried your best, now surrender the rest.” The first 9 lessons lead

us through the teachings of what yoga is, and how to do it well. On our journey we have

learned from the Yamas that yoga is about cultivating loving kindness (ahimsa), living our truth

(satya), being generous (asteya), honoring our divine nature (brahmacharya) and practicing

non­attachment (aparigraha). When these yoga lessons seem like a tall order, and we wonder

how we can ever accomplish them, we consult the Niyamas which direct us to “keep it clean”

(sauca), accept reality as it comes to us (santosha), be disciplined (tapas), consult the inner

Guru (svadhyaya) and lastly, when we’ve tried our best, to surrender the rest (ishvara



Symbolically, this step in yoga is as if we are laying our practice, or our problems, or our

heart’s deepest desires at the feet of the Buddha. Once you’ve given it your best effort, the only

thing left to do is surrender the struggle and let God handle the rest. So here’s to letting go;

here’s to trusting the grand design of the universe; here’s to knowing you’ve done all you can

and the rest will work out as it’s meant to. I humbly thank you for joining me on this 10­ video

course and I wish you the best on your continued yoga studies. Namaste!



Try these nuanced changes to your meditation this week:

  • Gently let your awareness land on each exhale, and let the mind become light between

the inhales, then land again on the exhale. Allow freedom and space for the mind to

float between breaths, expanding into infinite possibility. When the attention lands on

the exhale, it is a very light mindfulness, nothing heavy­ handed

  • Allow yourself to make subtle movements throughout your meditation. You don’t have to

sit like a statue! When you are uncomfortable, slowly and gradually shift the body. This

is not fidgeting; it is gradual and mindful movement in slow motion to bring about more

freedom and happiness in your body.

  • When thoughts or emotions arise in the mind, try the mantra “that’s ok.” This mantra

allows whatever comes up for you to be embraced into the experience of your

meditation. Resist nothing, change nothing, just repeat toward whatever arises “that’s


  • Set the timer for 10min this week and try meditating every day. You’re a pro! You can

do this!



Please email or message me this week with your thoughts and feedback about the

program! How did it benefit you? How can I improve the course? Are there still any lingering

questions you have? I want to hear from you!


Namaste ~