Summer! Time for Simplifications

For the past couple of months I’ve been wanting to take a vacation to just get away from the city and go to the desert or the ocean and tap into my creative reserves.

But… so much is happening I cannot seem to break away this year! Once I REALIZED that and DECLARED it, I felt a huge sense of RELIEF – as if I had been juggling 12 pins and then opened up my arms to collect all of them, gave a few to my puppydog Violet to chew, and put the rest in a little basket for next time.

Then I sat down to meditate 🙂

Our mind can be like those juggling pins – an array of thoughts we are trying balance. We can only try to balance for so long before we fall and have to start over again. But, when we do tap into a FLOW we are able to stay balanced – even when we are standing on one foot with the other leg wrapped around the back of our head. Or, maybe something more like Tree Pose.

I find that the philosophy written for Yoga helps me find Balance and Flow in everyday Life. You know how Eskimo has 1000+ words for snow? In Yoga, there are 4 fundamental words describing our thought process:

  1. Citta
  2. Manas
  3. Buddhi
  4. Ahamkara

Chitta, is the overarching fabric of our mind. Next we have Manas, our cognition – “Oh, look that tree fell into my car window.” Then Buddhi discriminates – “That’s going to cost me a lot of money if insurance doesn’t pay for it.” And Ahamkara says – “I want to sell my car once it’s fixed.”

All of those thought processes happen nearly simultaneously… and not just about my car window… but about everyday things like shopping for groceries. When we are able to identify our thought patterns we begin to shift our reactions, decisions, and choices. Then, we are able to manifest health, prosperity, and well-being a lot more efficiently.

And it feels GOOOD!

Long story summed up, 🙂 I’m contemplating ways to simplify my life in order to live with balance and flow between my mind and my heart.

I’m so excited, and am really looking forward to this summer!

Here is a very hand-made video I made of the overlook from the cliff.

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