Underlying the Inner Thigh Gap

Reading the following article reminded me of the dearly sought after “inner thigh gap” that displays a thin appearance of the femur bones. Now, as much as it would be an easy shot for me to condemn the “inner thigh gap” in order to justify the point that such superficial characteristics do not define beauty, I want to veer away from the focus of body aesthetics and beauty all together.

My goal is to contemplate what is beneath the surface of this issue.

What is the the underlying desire?

When we get more and more people to wake up to this question, then we can collectively achieve some kind of satisfaction.

In the article, “For the Record,” Jennifer Aniston boldly took a stance to dismantle the lies that have become a foundation for the way that we see others, and ourselves, as women. Aniston’s clarity demonstrated the power in vulnerability, as she recognized her place within the great tapestry of false truths that we women are rising up against today.

I love to dismantle lies! Furthermore, I love to overturn lies with an experience of truth.

And so I wondered,

What if more people connected to the sensation at the depth of their femurs?

Once awareness and action have merged into the hidden foundation of this mysterious part of the body, anatomically located at the Greater Trochanter, perhaps the fascination with a superficial visual aesthetic known as the “inner thigh gap” will fade.

The following video is from my Yoga Pose Collection, guiding you into the awareness and action of Reclined Pigeon.

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  1. Hi
    I have rheumatism in my lumber area and sciatica in my right leg. I am 71 years of age but do regular pilates and Tai chi exercise each week at my local Ymca gym.
    I have had physio on my back and they gave me regular back and leg excercises to every day. I would like your advice as to any other exercises which will ease the pain.
    I know as you get older your not as supple but I have been fit all my life until recently.
    would appreciate your time and help to make me feel a little bit more active.

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