Yoga For Spring Video Inside! Loving Impermanence

Spring season is swiftly approaching. My current inspiration for the coming of spring struck me this year like sparks  of flashing lights – the magic of impermanence.

It feels a lot like love.

Impermanence is exciting. It brings me to a state of alertness and sensitivity while teetering on the scales of attachment, reminiscent of the fear of loss by letting go.

Here are a few things preceding this Spring that significantly remind me of impermanence:


The way the cast of sunlight changes throughout the day.

The way the air feels on my face and through my hair in the morning.

The new people walking on the sidewalks and hanging out in the park.

The fresh bird songs coming from neighborhood trees.


This is my subjective experience of how the outside world shifts in distinct yet simple ways.

It feels refreshing for me, inspiring me to be strong and to bring my best to life.

On the flip side, I know that impermanence can hurt (also like love) when we resist its natural course.

This is why it is important to stay current.

When balanced and sensitized, any suffering that comes from attachment and from the fear of loss can be embraced with the reality hook of all that is here now.

Here are a few ways I respond in my daily life to stay in the uplifting current of loving impermanence:


I place value on rest and relaxation.

I spend time daily on keeping my home clean and organized.

I look for ways to add symbols of beauty and elements of nature to my world.

I trust the inspiration of my clear thoughts and dreams.

My yoga sequences also shift into new movement patterns, empowered with a strength that deeply grounds my body and welcomes the uprising of self-expression.  Would you like to follow along with me as I teach this yoga sequence that mirrors the shift into our new season, this spring? I invite you to join me, right where you are, on this new online yoga video for Spring.

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