With Great Affection

I absolutely love this picture and quote because I identify with the sensations of contentment, stability, and blissfulness within yoga. And I’d like to ask YOU if you also feel this in your yoga.

Do you feel colorful heart symbols bursting through your poses? How about friendly birds perched onto your side?


Maybe so?

Well, I definitely want you to FEEL YOUR YOGA through the sentiment of this quote, “with Great Affection!

And so, I have an instructional yoga class for you to follow along with that will MAKE YOUR YOGA SHINE from the inside out.

This is a supportive and informative class in which I teach you, step by step, how to access the POWER to FEEL deeply refreshed in your yoga.

More information on this upcoming online class coming soon. Pre-registration with an early-bird discount is open until April 26th.

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