A Whole Body Approach to Leg Stretches

What’s up y’all

I am sharing more and creating new content once again! My latest video on Patreon is a 30+ minute session, called A Whole Body Approach to Leg Stretches. It is divided into two parts so you can access Part One, lunar/restorative and Part Two, solar/active independently, or practice them together!

Here is a shortened version of the solar/active video.

I am using one yoga strap and two yoga blocks for this class. In general, I recommend everyone have at least one yoga block, or a set of two. You can use my affiliate links to shop for your yoga props here!

A Whole Body Approach to Leg Stretches begins with a reclined position supporting the chest. The relationship between upper body and legs will become more apparent in the next positions.

Here is a list of the positions and props:

Part One

  1. Reclined Twist- with blocks
  2. Seated Half Fold- with strap
  3. Reclined Leg Stretch- with massage and clasp

Part Two

  1. Reclined Core Work
  2. Standing Tiger Stretches
  3. Standing Fold- with blocks
  4. Child’s Pose- with blocks


I hope you enjoy this session! Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel and remember you can always make a pledge on Patreon to get the full class + tons of other videos!

Article by Courtney Bell

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