The Beginning


Yogacurrent began with a desire to deliver effective self care methods that people can practice at home in order to heal injuries (both new and old) to improve the living experience.

The aim of each video is to multiply the benefits of an individual session by teaching techniques, explaining how the techniques work, and why they should be applied.

By focusing on alignment, action, and articulation, the lessons create a path towards an expansive healthy tone that you can feel throughout the body -- in stillness and in movement.

We invite you to stay a while, and visit often.

dynamic core balance

Dynamic Stretching and Balance

  Train with dynamic stretching and balance The exercises below include dynamic stretching and balance. They will help to stabilize the pelvis and tone the abdominal core. They can also be used to heal sacroiliac joint dysfunction by relieving tension in the hips, improving circulation, and relaxing the nerves. Dynamic balance occurs when the body […]

Daily Yoga Vasisthasana

Daily Yoga Vasisthasana Preparation

My featured routine this month is a Daily Yoga practice to prepare for Vasisthasana. This routine sculpts the thoracic chest and shoulders with balance, strength, and alignment. This is the foundation for developing and toning the more advanced position, Vasisthasana.   Honestly, I feel so happy and grateful to be practicing yoga again at home. […]

Starting Yoga At Home

Now that you have considered different times of day for yoga, and you are discovering when yoga can fit into your life… the question becomes, “Now that I’m here on my yoga mat or rug, how will I know what to do?” Start yoga at home This next stage is about figuring out what you […]

When Is Yoga copy

When To Do Yoga

Time to get on your mat? When cultivating a yoga practice at home, one of the most consistent questions is, “What is a good time for yoga?” I think this question is so often asked aloud, because it is something that needs to be considered (and reconsidered) pretty regularly. And even when you find a […]

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