Cosmic Dancer – Yoga Pose

Cosmic Dancer used to be in my dreams.

And you know what? If I had stopped practicing, it would have remained there, in the world of non-existence… Completely unreal.

 Yoga teaches that our 3 facets are

  • Existence
  • Awareness
  • Bliss

If it sounds a little esoteric, well, that is because it is.  And, it is good to be a little esoteric sometimes!

I think so, at least, because it allows us to weave dreams and ideas that are beyond our present reach into existence.

One of the many blessings yoga practice bestows on us is the realization of dreams, and the transformation of pieces of ourselves into a discovered wholeness.

Holding onto my foot in space behind my head is not an accomplishment; it’s a landmark.


It took many years of dedicated practice and transformation, not only from non-existence, but from non-belief.

Then a few years of hesitation and possibility, followed by another few years of conscious movement and persistent action before I landed in this standing balance pose.

It’s called the Cosmic Dancer (Natarajasana), and symbolizes the unity between the real and the unreal, and the potential within our human nature to continue manifesting our dreams and discovering ourselves.

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What are you pulling into the realm existence?


Keep dancing my friends! Keep making room for yourself to grow.

– Courtney

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  1. I like your teaching very much. I have slipped discs in my back but have worked out since I am 17 in the service and am now reaching my 55th birthday and was so afraid of losing my active life. I know yoga is terific for me but needed a hand getting through pain without medication as much as what I was subscribed but when I heard that I was to go to physical therapy it was quite similiar and have been assured your video would be beneficial. I will be with this issue for now bt feel so good after your lower back video. Thanks! PS I found out about you by reading Prevention magazine in a waiting room as I waited on X Rays. Blessings back to you … Good Karma

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