Intention and Intuition

What’s the secret to following an intention through to actualization?

When an intention is too head-strong, latent beneath ego, it dies out quickly like a single match with no candle or fire wood to keep burning.

The intuitive mind is like the oil beneath the wick, breath into the fire, and earth surrounding the flames.

It is what allows us to keep burning, so to speak.

During this season of transition from autumn into winter, I am thinking more about how to keep the flames of inspiration alive. For every body, it is different, as we are all unique in our constitutions and movements towards health and wellbeing.

“Practicing yoga allows us to bring balance to our physical body, and clarity to our mental chatter. This instills the gift of knowing our highest self, the part of ourself that feels deeply the truth and the way towards lasting happiness and life.”


Einstein Quote - IntuitionToday, this gift of intuition allowed me to:

  • Move in a way that warmed my bones to start my day
  • Eat in a way that nourished my energy
  • Connect with those around you in a way that supports each other.

I encourage you to celebrate the small choices that you make each day that create a healthy impact for you and others, because those are the moments that will continue to shape our spirits.

What food choices are you incorporating today, to sustain you? What movement choices are you making today, to keep you healthy? What relationship choices are you making, to enrich your family and community?

As you pay attention, you gain presence.

Keep tending the flames of your own inner fire ~ it’s time to focus on the small things that serve to burn the bright light.

Namaste ~

Courtney Bell

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