High Lunge Biomechanics

Reduce your back pain AND kickstart your sugar detox at the same time by creating security in your physical foundations – the feet and hips!

This part of our body serves as the foundation for the alignment of our skeletal system. Often times, it is compressed from carrying around excess weight and/or from prolonged periods of sitting.  The compression causes internal stress which has adverse reactions on our health and decision making processes.

Practice these steps in your transition from Warrior One to High Lunge to learn through experience how the femur (thigh bone) and the calcaneus (heel bone) work together in his powerful standing pose to give you tremendous:

  • Strength
  • Steadiness
  • Hip mobility
  • Ankle stability

When we connect to our physical body through direct awareness and intelligent action into the muscles, bones, and joints, we #1) empower our emotional body, and #2) relax our mental body.

You will feel it from your head to your toes! (& it feels so good!)

Warrior One

Courtney Bell YogaBegin in Warrior One. Relax your arms down the sides of your body and stretch your fingertips open like rays of sun directed to the ground. Exert downward force through outer heel of back foot. Root down through back of the pelvis by gripping the muscles at the sit bone.

Exhale to the count of 3-5.

Transition to High Lunge

Courtney Bell Yoga

Pivot up onto the ball of back foot. Hook all 5 toes and lift heel. Elevate quadriceps (front of thigh) away from the ground. Feel the “lift off” connection between the back foot and hip.

Inhale to the count of 1-3.

High Lunge

Courtney Bell Yoga

Rotate the back hip forward. Stack the heel of back foot directly over ball of foot. The right and left sides of your pelvis are evenly facing forward. Back thigh faces over the ground as the muscles hug around the femur (thigh bone).

Exhale to the count of 3-5.


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Courtney Bell Yoga

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4 Replies to “High Lunge Biomechanics”

  1. Good morning
    great Video – somehow it fits just beautifully with the weather here – it’s fall. I really have no idea why I like to think about this as my fall practice. Anyway I enjoyed it a lot.
    But I am sorry to tell you this, something is not right with the audibility. I had to turn everything up and still had problems hearing you.

    1. Hmmm… the audio is working extra well on my end… really crisp and clear. I wonder what the issue could be if you’ve checked your volumes on the computer and the video itself. You know those 5 vertical blue bars on the video screen? They are the video volume and should all be blue to have max volume. I can upload a new copy of it today and see if that works better 🙂

      Is anyone else having this issue?

      1. thanks – the Quality is much better now. It’s a good practise. As I decided to be more careful with my food intake it is just perfect. Trough the practise in the last months it dawned on me that I have to be more responsible and gentle with my Body – so I am Kind of diving into a delicious Lifestyle. Less sugar more og the “good stuff” – the art of saying “no” by turning it into a yes .

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