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I must say thatĀ I was a little intimidated by the cuteness of these shorts by Satva Living. But once I mustered up the courage to try them on… not only did I swoon from pure comfort, I can honestly say that I have never felt so purely confident in a pair of bright and tight yoga shorts!


It probably has a lot to do with the mission and intention of the company. They might very well be theĀ leaders in socially responsible clothing.Ā The word “Satva” is a Sanskrit term that can be translated as “pure.” You can tell by the bold colors and patterns in the designs that PURE is synonymous with LIFE.

You can feel this vibrancy just by touching the organic fabric, and as I mentionedĀ before… wearing them sets you off into new possibilities for boldĀ movements of freedom in yoga practice and life. It looks like the fall line has already come out, as I was admiring itĀ at Whole Foods last night (where did the summer go?)

Thank you Satva Living for being bold in your mission andĀ inspiring vibrancy in the lifestyle of women around the world.Ā Here are some photosĀ from an adventurous morning in downtown Austin, some of which I’ve already posted on my Instagram feed.

Hello Visvamitrasana!

(pictured in the final photo)

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