Power Words

Power words help us with difficult relationships, self-limiting beliefs, and financial hardships by tapping into the reserves of our self-confidence and self-realization.

The most POWERFUL power words come to us in clear states of being (experienced in practices like Yoga), when the mind-body-life process is flowing with synchronicity.

They are literally words and phrases that we grab hold of in our “self talk” and SAY SILENTLY (or audibly)  when we need to get out of a MUCKY situation (often that is playing out in our own head).

What other words and phrases would you add to this list?




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6 Replies to “Power Words”

  1. Hi, I have used the work RELAX and I CAN as I always have trouble relaxing and getting into meditation but my yoga therapy has certainly helped in that area.

  2. “Just breathe” is what I tell myself and others when things are a little stressful. And I ran across a phrase which I love. “I’m not complaining. I’m just happy to be alive.”

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