What Yoga Does For You

When I was 14 years old I started a home yoga practice.

At that time, I did not have a mentor or a Yoga teacher, or a Yoga mat or Yoga outfit.

I was highly influenced by 3 things – my peers, television programs, and magazine subscriptions.

Well, 4 things, as I was also passionate about creative writing, music, and visual design.

What I desperately lacked at this age was a design for a healthy diet, fulfilling relationships, and positive body image.

One day in my high school library, I instinctively pulled a book from the shelf in curiosity for the name, YOGA.

Inside this book were pictures of Yoga Asanas and self care techniques that intrigued me as I was definitely in search of ways to feel better from the inside out.

The yogis in that book wore leotards like I used to wear in gymnastics. They appeared calm in their mind and I was attracted to the quality of life luster that they demonstrated.

I took the book home and incorporated some of the practices into my evening bedtime routine. I practiced the positions as pictured and described in the book on my carpeted bedroom floor. I even wrote a short research paper based on the information provided in that book about the benefits of Yoga.

Yoga became a practice that I naturally incorporated into my personal life.

It was something that I looked forward to doing, like a relief from the obligations of school and other activities and exercise programs.

Yoga was a gift that I enjoyed giving & receiving. 

At the turn of the new millennium, I moved to Austin to study at UT. This is when I found my first Yoga teacher and began learning how to explore more intelligently and thoroughly the Yogic facets of health and happiness to my daily life.

At the time, there were not many yoga studios in town and there certainly were not any fancy yoga pants to wear.

You really weren’t expected to have a lot in order to get started with a yoga practice… other than time, space, and a will to practice.

I remember I used to go home in the mornings after class and, instead of sitting on the couch to read or watch television, I set up on the floor behind the couch to practice headstands.

In the evenings I did hip-opening routines with the assistance of my bedroom wall to reduce stress.

As I embarked into adulthood as a young woman, the application of Yoga in my life continued to transform unconscious and unhealthy habits into restorative and empowering behaviors that enhanced my self-worth and well-being.

And for that, I am forever grateful.

There’s something immeasurably empowering about focusing your attention, putting forth effort, and receiving noticeable improvement.

It was this combination of intention, action, and benefit that not only shaped my life but inspired me to share the practice with the people around me.

The list goes on and on and on, but here are the first benefits I continually experience from Yoga:

  1. Higher Self confidence

  2. Improved Body image

  3. Graceful actions and reactions

  4. Desire for healthy foods

  5. Presence in Relationships

  6. Focused strength in mind

  7. Inspired flow of thought

  8. Enjoyment of sensation

  9. Steady rhythm of breath

  10. Super strength and agility


What more would you add to this list of
Yoga Benefits


This list is just the beginning, as these qualities branch out into so many realms of my life – from the practical prevention of a sprained ankle (when I didn’t see the extra step and twisted my foot to fall flat on my back only to get up, dust myself off, and keep walking), to the highly sensitive ability to spot a golden opportunity and direct my efforts to achieve success, to the daily results of feeling fabulous from delicious and nutritious food.

What has worked for me can work for you too!


At Yoga Current, my mission is to deliver Yoga for you to understand and practice that will directly benefit you from the comfort of your own home (or any place you choose).

I receive messages from people all the time who are in awe at the results they experience from practicing Yoga with me. They are so excited and sometimes in disbelief, sharing profound results that make MY eyes open in awe and excitement as well.

These messages come from people who have been overweight and lost 25lb. in 4 months, people who have eliminated unhealthy food cravings and opted for eating whole foods, people who have healed from spinal injuries, who have transformed chronic pain into strength and flexibility, people who have overcome anorexia, anxiety, and depression.

So I know it’s true! And I’ll say it again,

What has worked for me can work for you too!

Would you like to share more about what Yoga does for you?

I’d love to hear from you!

Write to me in the comments section below.


4 Replies to “What Yoga Does For You”

  1. Yoga has helped me find who I really am and helped me immensely with relaxation and keeping a beautiful mind Xx

  2. I love practicing with you. I found you on YouTube a few months ago and now I pretty much only watch your videos. Your practices always do so much for my body. I never feel like I am going to hurt myself. There is always such an ease into each stretch while still getting great results. Thank you so much for being such a positive, beautiful woman. You always inspire me.

  3. Courtney, I found you videos a few months ago when I decided I had to get rig of my baby belly fat (they are 3 and 5 after all). Eating smart and this yoga has helped tremendously and I feel great physically and mentally. Who knew such simple steps and moves could impact you so much. It’s like braces, small little adjustments and one day you have straight teeth! Amazing! I’m still only doing the beginners for weight loss series, but I’m starting to look at other videos to add! Thanks a ton!! I understand you so I keep watching and following, you explain the moves and what you should be feeling, helps a ton! And I love the hair and each of the outfits, I like that they are different so you know which video you are watching!!

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