Savvy Travel Tips | Part 1

Savvy Travel Tips, coming at ya.

There are a number of things we can do to prevent medical emergencies while traveling, and one of those things is to eat an apple. Here are a few more Savvy Travel Tips that I have enjoyed during my short travels this summer, not only to prevent emergencies but to promote optimal health, comfort, and well being.

I’ve grouped them into two categories to help you identify how you can give yourself LOTS of quality self-care.

The first category has to do with the external environment. When you travel, you spend hours at a time inside cars and planes. The second category is in regards to your physique… (get ready for some Savvy Travel Yoga Tips!)

Indoor Air Pollution

We know that fuel efficiency is key to minimizing external air pollution, but did you know that you are subject to indoor air pollution from your vehicle? If you travel in a car or plane for long periods of time, the recycled air conditioning will easily de-hydrate your skin and circulation. This, coupled with prolonged exposure to the chemicals inside vehicle upholstery and plastics has a severe effect on your internal health. The risks are greatest in summer, when car interiors can get as hot as 192º F. Studies show that heat and UV light will trigger the release of toxic chemicals inside your vehicle.

Here are a few things you can do to combat the adverse conditions of indoor air pollution, and take care of your health.

#1 – Clean! Keep a clean car but be careful about how it is cleaned. Avoid commercial car shampoos and scotchgard. The last time I had my car professionally cleaned, I nearly choked on the fumes inside my car. No matter how much I aired out my car I could not get rid of the toxicity. So I took a natural disinfectant and wiped down the plastic paneling. Wiping down the surface layers took care of most of the toxicity.

#2 – Hydrate! The better you can stay hydrated, the better your body will naturally detox itself. Water, or fruits and vegetables, keep your cells dancing with life force.

#3 – Mist! I like to keep a travel size spray bottle in the car filled with water and a few drops of essential oil. Essential oils like On Guard, Breathe, and Lemon help to strengthen your immune system, clear your respiratory system, and stimulate your sensory awareness.

#4 – Vitamins! If you feel like you need extra supplements to bring life force to a stale environment, vitamins can give you that extra support. I like to use Vitamin C, plus a collection of Cellular Support, Food Nutrient, and Omegas. I like to use the DoTerra vitamin pack.


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Stay tuned for Savvy Travel Tips | Part 2 in regards to your physique and including demonstrations of Travel Yoga!

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