Savvy Travel Tips | Part 2

Savvy Travel Tips, continued from Savvy Travel Tip part 1, is all about what you can do to feel better and nourish your health while traveling. And, this post has a video inside! Chances are, when you are traveling you are not pedaling a bicycle, running, or riding a horse. When you are traveling, you are sitting in some kind of chair for a long period of time. This has a disruptive effect on your health which can result in a variety of uncomfortable situations, like lower back pain, “cabin fever”,  and even  constipation.

Don’t let that stop you from taking the road trip or airplane ride 🙂 You just need to have a few savvy travel tips in your back pocket.

In my next few posts, I’ll show you examples of more Savvy Travel Tips. These will include how to be savvy with low back support, seated stretches, body mists, and snack packs 🙂

For now, check out my latest video to stretch your legs, decompress your spine, and rejuvenate your digestive power.

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