Truth be Told | A Throat Chakra Confrontation + Tips and Meditation

One thing I can say for sure, is that in this world our mission is not to be perfect. We are not going to be able to handle everything from the highest place of empowerment and grace because we live in dynamic circumstances. What we can do though, is practice empowerment and grace – not to be perfect – but to project health and wellbeing both within ourselves and to those around us.

Right after I wrote the blog, A Yoga Sequence for Throat Chakra Power, I ended up yelling at the guy at the car wash. How embarrassing! There I was with a dirty car, ready to get it washed with a couple of questions about the different car wash options when the guy at the car wash didn’t answer any of my questions but instead spewed out a lot of confusing information including that my car was a mess and that he doesn’t get paid well for the regular car washes. He grabbed the menu out of my hands to show me the detailing packages, and told me I should get the one at the top. He held onto the menu tightly and wouldn’t let me have it back to look over. I was hesitant about getting the deluxe detailing, and asked how much time it would take. Instead of answering my question, he started scribbling out a ticket and said, “No, you want the basic wash. We’ll just run your car through the machines back there.” I had never even asked about the basic wash in the first place…. !


I yelled at him. And when I say I yelled, I mean I cursed like a sailor. “You’re going to listen to what-the-#$@+ I’m asking you and you’re going to answer my #@!&ing questions and let me decide which#@!&ing car wash I need!”

The truth was, maybe my car would have best benefited from the most expensive detailing package. However, I did not have an hour and half to spend at the car wash that day. What I wanted were answers to my questions so that I could make a choice. But, without the flow of respectful communication I ended up leaving the car wash, never wanting to go there again, and in disbelief that I had reacted to strongly.

I told my friends, “So, I yelled at the guy at the car wash today,” and they all looked at me with little knowing smiles. Truth be told… I can have a sharp tongue at times.

It brings me back to the lessons from our Throat chakra about communication. Sometimes our methods of communicating invite adverse reactions. The rhythm and tone of our voice can carry just as much of a message as do the actual words. Are we listening with a state of openness and inquiry, or are we listening with a state of contradiction or knowing “better.”

When experiencing an uncomfortable episode, we can practice to process the event without dwelling too long in the dramatic details. We want to emerge each time with renewed understanding and strength to make waves of positive change both within us, and without. When we notice uncomfortable episodes arising more often, it is a good indicator that we are Fluctuating in distress and that we may benefit from Empowerment exercises.

Tips to Stay Calm

Here are a couple of questions we can reflect on in situations of both Empowerment and Fluctuation to help understand and strengthen the projections of our Throat Chakra:

  1. Empowered Throat Chakra:
  • How do we present our ideas, questions, and answers?
  • What do we listen for in others?
  1. Fluctuating Throat Chakra:
  • How we are prone to react?
  • What do we come to expect?

All About Meditation 

  1. Sitting, or standing, in a comfortable position begin by exhaling your breath through your nose, and opening the belly and diaphragm at the base of the lungs to draw fresh breath in deeply to the body. Exhale again, this time pressing the very last drops of breath out while contracting the upper and lower belly and tucking your chin to your chest while drawing up and back through your crown. Relax, and breathe in again.
  2. This time as you exhale through your nose, imagine your breath merging with expansive blue colors like sky around you. Each time you exhale, imagine these colors of the sky connected with your breath. You can also add a resonant sound –  “Haaaaa” through an open mouth as you begin exhaling and “Mmmmm” as you purse your lips and continue. You may notice the duration of your exhalation increases as you add the resonant sound. Try to relax through both the sky blue inhale and exhale.
  3. After you have your fill of chanting, feel the sensation of your inhalation traveling from the nose through the throat and into the expanse of your lungs penetrating from their every cell of your body. Feel the sensation of your exhalation like an ocean breeze sweeping from your belly, through your throat, and back out into the expansive sky.
  4. With the golden color of the sun harnessed at the center of your belly, inhale the thought and visualization of any or all of these affirmations. Exhale and let them dissolve as the breath passes through: “I Am Wise, I Am Intelligent, I Am Clear, I am Clean, I Am Safe, I Am Powerful, I Am Creative, I Am Free.”
  5. Now, bring your hands together. Interlace all of your fingers to the webbing with your palms facing up. Touch your thumb tips together over the basket of your hands. Inhale and hold your hand Mudra up towards your heart.
  6. To release, keep the fingers interlaced and the thumb tips touching as you exhale extend your arms forward flipping your palms to face away and raise your arms over head while tucking your chin. Release the clasp of you hands and bring your palms together in Prayer at your heart as you take a fresh breath.


Would you like to see a video of this meditation? Let me know in the comments section below.


Check back in with me in a few days. I need to practice it a few times first 😉

sky blue throat chakra


5 Replies to “Truth be Told | A Throat Chakra Confrontation + Tips and Meditation”

  1. Yes mindfullnessandlove is a good way to go, but sometimes, every once in a while you might be doing some one a favor to help them become “aware” that they are being an ass…

  2. I have just discovered you and yoga. I have been wanting to try meditation, and I think you would be the perfect teacher. I looked around for awhile trying to find a good teacher, and it was you. You are the best teacher a newbie could ask for. I even tried 2 different classes at the local gym, and was turned off. I hope that you can not only learn me yoga, but relaxation, and how to connect with my inner self.
    Thanks Courtney, I really hope you consider the meditation video.

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